Rolling Shutters


Rolling Shutters Series 75

The Series 75 industrial shutter is a custom made interlocking rolled form slat which is held together by nylon clips at every 2nd slat. On large oversize doors cast steel clips may be used.




Wicket Gates - For Personal Entry
Available 1200H x 600W up to 2020H x 800W supplied with a night latch or lever handle for doors to comply with council regulations which will come with a 10mm flat bar on the bottom rail. Minimum door height and width is 3000H x 3000W for the wicket gate to work reasonably well.
Available by 100mm x 20 slots @ 100mm centres or perforations are 4.75mm diameter holes @ 6.8mm staggered pitch centres.
EDS can also apply wind locking to your shutter. This protects against excessive wind that can be that 'one in 10 year' wind gust that sometimes can have a devastating effect when you least expect it!
This additional feature can give you peace of mind and it will also give that extra protection against ram raids.

Size Range

Available in 65mm, 75mm and 100mm wide and windlocks are available in light and heavy configuration.

Features and Benefits

The series 75 shutter can be hand operated from 1000H x 1500W up to 2300H x 2800W. Motor and chain hoist available with slats manufactured from .6mm, .8mm, 1mm & 1.2mm thick material. Height and width will vary depending on the thickness of the material used.
The 75mm wide slat version is designed for applications where strength is the major requirement as the narrow slat delivers a more rigid and secure shutter. There are more slats in the curtain therefore the strength against high wind, ram raids and fork lift trucks allows for a tougher more secure shutter. If security is what you want, then the 75mm slat should be your choice.


Available in the Dulux powdercoat range as well as 2Pak polyurethane paint, some larger sized doors can only be painted on site.


Standard locking is by way of lockable chain cleat with the option for slide bolt locking on the bottom rail. Locking is not available on doors with a motor.


Hand balanced doors up to 2300H x 2800W available, reduction chain hoist available up to 25 sq mtrs on automatic operation available.

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