Rolling Shutters


4 Hour Fire Shutter

The Lucifer Fire Shutter is rated to 4 hours using our 1mm thick slat and double angle bottom rail. For controlled descent it is suited for all size openings up to 3000H x 4000W currently being tested to 5000H x 8500W.


Not available

Size Range

75mm or 100mm wide only.

Features and Benefits

The Lucifer Fire Shutter is able to be used in all situations when closing of the door automatically. This can be by fuseable link or 24vdc magnet which can have a smoke detector fitted to activate the auto-closing.


Available in the Dulux powder coating as well as 2Pak polyurethane paint.


Not recommended

Lifting Systems

Controlled descent chain hoist available or 240V or 3PH 415V motor.

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